About us: Why Cherry Studio?

Throughout Steve’s career, it has always been a dream to have a studio run with the strongest morals; Cherry Studio was born with this in mind. Here at Cherry Studio we focus on creating not only the best photographs for our clients, but an overall incredible experience.

Our studio was built from the ground up, by family and friends, on the Cherry Ranch, right outside of Vancouver, WA. Our building was built to foster a fun place to be creative and enjoy a day of shooting.

As a studio, we are focused on helping you make your dreams become a reality. By taking your products and photographing them to represent exactly what you want. By opening our studio up to both large clients, as well as smaller ones, we hope to help build companies into what they’re meant to be.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Cherry Studio family!


Steve Cherry (Photographer)

With nearly 40 years of photography experience and 3 previous studios under his built, Steve has picked up a thing or two. Steve can build whatever vision you have from the set to the photographs; his years of shooting and living on a ranch have made him the Steve of all traits.

Yolanda Cherry (Production Supervisor)

The director of our crazy family as well as our studio. Yolanda focuses on making sure everything runs smoothly within the studio and for our clients.

Hollis Cherry (Marketing Specialist)

As a previous intern at our last studio, Hollis hopes to take what he learned and redefine the field. Not only does he work to gain new clients but he is also eager to help companies use new marketing techniques to prosper.